Bog The Donkey are a professional gigging band, formed in 1995. They are one of the most successful and distinctive bands currently playing out of Ireland. They play all of the major festivals and clubs throughout the country, as well as touring the UK and USA on a regular basis.


Well, its got round to that time of year again when we're preparing for the Christmas shows in the Silversprings Hotel in Cork.

Its all looking good and we hope you can join us for a great night. The nights are the 5th, 6th, 11th, 12th and 13th of December. Book your tickets early because they are already selling pretty fast.

Ive added another couple of tracks in the Music section for you to check out. One of them is a 'Ska'd' up version of Thin Lizzy's 'Don't Believe A Word' and the other track is called 'Mark, Sav, and Big Pat Sull'. Its kind of my tribute to the other guys in the band, and I hope you get a laugh out of it.

Anyroad, thats it for now, I have to go off and get some footage of us onto YouTube!

Take Care!

The Donkeys!