Bog The Donkey are a professional gigging band, formed in 1995. They are one of the most successful and distinctive bands currently playing out of Ireland. They play all of the major festivals and clubs throughout the country, as well as touring the UK and USA on a regular basis.

"How much do you charge?"

This is something that's really getting us down at the moment.

Every night someone tells us how much we charge for a gig, and how much we charge for a wedding, the figures they are telling us are frankly, a JOKE!

These prices have not come from the management of Bog The Donkey, or anyone who is involved with the band, they are usually local rumours, or (most likely) quotes from management companies that we do not associate ourselves with.

We ONLY work through our manager, TERRY SLOANE.

Terry ONLY manages US.

He does not have a list of bands that he has to keep happy and take care of, and is the ONLY person to give you a genuine price ON THIS BAND.

So please, good folks, please dont believe the rumours, or management companies, (who are simply looking to fund their next golfing holiday).

If you want to know what we charge.....

Go through the 'Contact' page! Talk to TERRY!