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      Date: Jan 17, 2010
     Title: Bog Hits Lanzarote

Sun, Fun, Sun

Hi guys and gals!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently! Hope this makes up for it!

So anyways, a little while ago, we get a call from a guy called Barry who owns a bar in Lanzarote. He tells us that his resident band 'Skin and Hide' are taking a well earned week off and wondered if we could fill their shoes.

After a band meeting and I'd guess about 3.4 seconds of thinking about it, we all said 'Oh Yes!'

So, in late September we packed up our gear and headed to 'Charlie's Bar'.

What a time we had.

We asked politely if  'Yoda' and 'Chewie' would come along to make the whole thing run smoothly. ('Yoda' is our good friend and musical/technical genius, Oliver Keane, and 'Chewie' is the legend that is Robbie.)

We played in the blazing sun for a week........

Not one of us got a decent tan, and we all lost at least a stone each. (Although you wouldnt have noticed it on most of us....)

So thank you Barry Murphy, Rory, all the lads in Skin and Hide, and the staff of Charlie's for making our visit not only an unforgettable week of madness, but for being such welcoming and genuine friends.

We hope to see you all and do it again soon.

If youre heading out to Puerto del Carmen anytime soon, go check out this bar! You wont get a better atmosphere and you never know, you might just stumble across the most memorable night of your holiday.

I've put some photos in our gallery of one of our nights out there, thanks to the fantastic photography of the 'Webmistress'

Check out whats happening at Charlie's right here...