Bog The Donkey are a professional gigging band, formed in 1995. They are one of the most successful and distinctive bands currently playing out of Ireland. They play all of the major festivals and clubs throughout the country, as well as touring the UK and USA on a regular basis.

08-03-2009 02:14 hour
Scott ( Rathcormac , Ireland ) Scott202008 <at> hotmail <dot> com

Great gig in the rathcormac inn tonight lads.. Great band!!!!! Sav you are unreal..

06-03-2009 18:27 hour

Was at a wedding lately in Bunratty Castle Hotel, ye were absolutly unreal well done brilliant

01-03-2009 21:08 hour
Alison McCormack ( Kilworth , Ireland ) AlisonM104 <at> hotmail <dot> co <dot> uk

My Dad used to be in the band his name is Kevin McCormack he gave up his career for me and I think ye r gr8t!!!!!

25-01-2009 22:49 hour
Rike ( Bremen , Germany ) f_deinhard <at> web <dot> de

Hej Guys
Thanks for the great Gig in the Crossbarry Inn!
We will try to come to some more (:
Greetings from the german Aupairs 'round Crossbarry

20-12-2008 17:19 hour
Patrizio ( Arrecife , Spain )

Sully ya stud muffin ya!!!!!!!!!

28-11-2008 12:07 hour
dudet ( cork , Ireland ) jenni1323 <at> vodafone <dot> ie

from your secret admiror!:D

28-11-2008 12:06 hour
Dude ( newcestown )

hey guys! sup patrick! ye are way cool:D:P;)

26-11-2008 15:58 hour
boogie band keith <at> theboogieband <dot> com

heh lads,just want to wish ye an early happy xmas,as we will all be to busy to meet over xmas,so have a safe one from the boogies

06-10-2008 21:45 hour
Chris Somers ( Corcaigh AbĂș! , Ireland ) greengravel72 <at> yahoomail <dot> co <dot> uk

Alright lads. You may or may not remember me but I was the lad from the BCS Grads there in the Silversprings a few weeks ago who was talking to you (Andy and Mark). Have ya had a look at guitarfetish pickups yet Andy? Ye played an absolute f*****g stormer that night lads, really awesome shit by any standards. Thanks again Andy for letting my have a lash off your guitar rig, really great stuff man. Hope to see ye playing again soon lads.

25-08-2008 10:40 hour
McDonald ( Eire )

Hi Lads

Congrads to "Andy" !!!!
Im sure he will come home from America a new man !!!
Looking forward to catching up with you all next time your down our neck of the woods (although no sign of a mention in the near future according to your gig guide)
Rock on !!

From all in"the cottage" !!