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Weddings with Bog The Donkey

We pride ourselves in not only covering most genres of music, but also pleasing the many different age groups you will have at your wedding, without negotiating the essence of a good night out.

Here are a few 'tips' for you when it comes to booking a band for your wedding.

  • Try your best to go see a potential band more than once. Many couples go see a band for 20 minutes of their first set and book them. Only to find they don’t play that same kind of music all night, or DO play the same thing all night and you were expecting something different before your DJ.
  • E-mail a few different bands to get an average price. Many wedding sites charge an extra fee just for making a phone call. Contact the band direct. They will tell you if they work through an agency, website or directly.
  • Make sure the band you have seen will have the same members on the night.
  • Remember that your mums and dads, aunties and uncles are not as young as they once were. They want to hear some quality classic tunes! Make sure the band can cover practically anything!

And remember .. Dont Stress!

Bog The Donkey will take care of your wedding day entertainment (and you can get on with spell-checking the mass booklet!)

Get in touch with Terry our manager and he will make sure that the evening is not something that you have any worries about, but that short time in a crazy day when you can relax and finally realise "OH MY GOD! WE GOT MARRIED!!!!"

We know you will have an amazing day, soak it all up, and we hope we can be part of it!

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